Alvinya Key was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She has always had a love for writing since she was a kid. Her English teacher in Middle School told her, she would be a writer. She received her undergraduate in Business Administration and went on to pursue two Master Degrees, one in Business Management and the other in Business Administration. She later started a business management company with her close friend. She also had the love of writing still burning inside her heart. As time went by, she wrote her first book titled, “Love or The Illusions of Love”, based off of her past romantic relationships. She wanted a book that would empower women to see their own value and worth while in their relationships and know if they aren’t feeling values, then maybe its time to leave. She also recently was a writer for a speed film in the 168 film festival titled, “l-70”. She is currently working on her second book and documentary, based on being a single mom and entrepreneur. She continues to write empowering women books and have events to promote sisterhood for all.