“I absolutely enjoyed every single word in your book. It’s crazy that so many of us have similar stories yet
hearing it or reading it for that matter puts real life in perspective. It left me wanting more. It inspired me to be better and it confirmed to trust Gods timing You are going to touch many and save many more. Congratulations friend may God contune to shine your light and lead your path. You should think about doing a workshop on relationships I believe a lot of women will gain from your experiences as well as others with similar stories. We’ve all been there one way or another. Thank you for finding the courage to open up and share your life with us.”

“Congratulations on book, and I wanted to tell you I have read your book not once, but twice! It is one the best books that I have read about life experiences, about men with me. By reading your book, it has made me stop and think about what I have been through and helped me understand that what I been through wasn’t just a mistake. But an experience that I could learn from. Just wanted to tell you thank you and congratulations!”